Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Been Awhile, so sayeth Maddie Sue

Ms Maddie Sue gave me a nudge this morning reminding me that it has been awhile since we posted to her blog. I explained that mostly I posted her foibles and that lately, she has been foible-less. Except if you want to remember, which I do not, the time she went into a full blown belly laughing stand up comedy routine, between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m.! Funny as it was, it was not funny in the middle of the night. She may be part rooster.

So over morning coffee, she and I agreed to this yummy post -- a thought by Jon Winokur from his book, Mondo Canine:

"If dogs didn't exist, we'd have to invent them. They are clean, cheerful, brave and faithful. They consistently display the best qualities of humans and few, if any, of our bad ones. They are the only species in the animal kingdom to have truly embraced human beings, and when it comes to friendship, they put us to shame. They give unconditional love and undying loyalty in return for regular meals and an occasional pat on the head."

How blessed I am to share my life with dogs.

This message has been approved by Ms Maddie Sue Taco Rooster, oops, okay, she has asked me to remove the Rooster part from her nom de plume but Taco can remain. NOW, this message has been approved.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Naked Chihuahua Streaks Again

I glanced out the window on this chilly day only to see my beloved, Gordon, crashing through the large mango tree and weaving, stooped over behind the deadened banana plants. This strange behavior posed two options:

a) that Gordon had lost his mind (a possibility living with me and the critters I bring home), or
b) that the Naked Chihuahua was once again on the lamb.

It was the latter.
She runs like a cross between a greyhound and a gazelle with wild passion in her eyes, tossing caution to the wind. Fortunately, it was a frosty day and Ms Maddie Sue has a knee jerk reaction to the word, "treat" -- which I shouted once I saw the chase in full throttle. And in she ran, delighted with herself. Followed by Gordon, who was not the least delighted in anything at that moment.

But peace returned to our abode.

During this chilly season, I put sweaters on the little pups, and Ruby wears what looks like a Kentucky Derby horse blanket. Two of the three love this warmth. Somehow the Naked Chihuahua, true to her name, can wiggle out of any sweater I dress her in and winds up in her birthday suit within hours of being dressed. Go figure.