Thursday, May 20, 2010

A delightful day for a roll in the hay, I mean, grass

I was working at my desk and the bossy Ms Maddie Sue started barking at me to take her outside. I tried to cajole her into sitting in my lap, but she was hot to trot.

Not one to be ignored, she happily ran to the door to await her leash and then ran down her ramp to join me for a walk. I assumed she had to go potty -- why else was she so insistent that I drop everything and hurry outside with her?

As soon as we hit the lawn, Ms Maddie Sue flopped over on her back and started fishtailing around. Rolling in the grass is one of her favorite activities -- the first being eating.

At first I felt duped. "You mean you stopped my work, interrupted my chain of thought, just so you could come out here and roll around in the grass?"

"Yep," she said, "its a beautiful day for a roll in the to speak." (fresh one she is)

And it was.
I had spent several hours at the beach today. Why not let Ms Maddie Sue have a few minutes of bliss herself. And as I stood there watching her wiggle back and forth -- it made me feel happy to watch her happiness. She has a smile that is truly a smile.

After about five minutes, I asked if she was ready to go in and up onto her feet she jumped, quickly trotting on the hot brick drive to reach her carpeted ramp. With a hop, skip and a jump, we were back in my office and she was satisfied.

(Had I tried to bring her in before she was ready, she would have resisted to the point of getting road rash on her back by not getting to her feet.)

I think we are the same, Ms Maddie and I - two independent cusses, just trying to enjoy life's offerings. And why not?