Saturday, January 1, 2011

Maddie Sue's Reunion with her Siblings

Maddie Sue had such a great time with her First Family!  But it was poignant when they left.  This was the first time Maddie Sue ever cried when her First Family left -- it was also the first time she had a reunion with her siblings and I think that was the difference.  She ran to both back doors, weeping, warbling and actually howling with grief.  It touched my heart, but it also let me know that she did remember her sibs and was happy to see them and sad to see them go.

Her life quickly returned to "normal" -- she nested once again behind me as I sit on my office chair; she survived the fireworks, she is back in her pack with Lex and Ruby where she has fit in and bonded.  Life is good for The Naked Chihuahua, and yes, I have somewhat apologized to her for my term, "the Torture Chi."

I nudged her snoozing body -- she opened one eye, read and approved the blog, and said,"do you think I am the cutest?"  Of course, Maddie Sue, of course.  And back to sleep she went.  I am glad Jayda and Zack are not regular blog readers cuz they are pretty darn cute too.