Sunday, December 27, 2009

From the city to the farm and back to the city

To the vast number of readers of the blog of Maddie Sue, the question may be arising, discussed over coffee, pondered before sleep: How did Maddie Sue go from farm to city?

By a Honda Element named Harriet the Chariot, of course.

But the real issue is: What happened at the farm?

It turned out that Ms Maddie Sue was much more of a wild chi than either Jan or I imagined, in many ways. One of the ways was that she magically turned into a gazelle or greyhound and ran and ran and ran around and around and around, either alone, or chasing one of the critters. Sounds good, eh?

Not if you are a nine year old chihuahua having had surgery to both knees. And how can you live on a farm and not enjoy a good run around?

And anyone who ever had knee pain knows that it can produce quite a howl -- or a high pitched shriek if you are a chihuahua. Not so good for anyone's serenity.

So Maddie Sue returned to the city, where she gets saddled up for her walk down to the corner and back. No running, no jumping -- just an occasional roll on the lawn, and her knees have settled down.

I know she misses all of the doggie gourmet delights she had at Jean and Jan's; she probably feels like she is roughin' it Darwinian style with me, but she is learning that you can't always get what you want..... hey? sounds like a song to me.

Guess who doesn't like wearing her winter wear?

What part of "no dogs" don't you understand?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Wonder if Maddie Will Notice

I wonder if Maddie will notice her new door is guarded by a giant rooster. Considering Maddie is only 8 inches tall, maybe she will just notice his feet and not be nervous.

A New Ranch Mate

Here is Maddie Sue during her visit to the Ranch, going nose to nose with Wilbur, her soon to be new buddy. She will get to know two pot belly pigs, Wilbur and Minnie.

Ms Maddie Moves to the Ranch

Maddie and her newest mom, Jan. This was her first visit to the ranch and we all fell in love with her. She has a very special spirit. Well, they both do, so it is a good match.