Saturday, February 27, 2010

Boo has come to visit

Boo, aka Charlie, is my first senior placement. He was discarded as
too old to place. He now lives in Venice with Dick and Charlotte
Sharno and is the hit of his neighborhood. He has been loving them and
been loved by them for three years now.

He visits The Wm Gordon House periodically for old times sake.

When Dick was recovering in a dog-friendly rehab, Boo came to visit,
walked right down the hall, turned and navigated right straight to his
dad's room and jumped in bed with his dad, snuggling with him. Dick
said that it was the best therapy!


I love the expression "sticky beak" -- it may be Australian, but it means sticking your nose into another's business. Maddie Sue learned a sorry lesson due to her Sticky Beak ways.

Each morning the girls get a tasty breakfast of kibble and other delights mixed in. The delights are mixed in well because Lex has a tendency to pick out the extras and leave the kibbles.

Yesterday was a busy morning for both Gordon and me, so we just served three bowls of kibble. Ruby and Maddie Sue (the big and the little) eat on the side veranda and Lex eats in the kitchen. (And now that Boo is staying with us, he eats on the back porch.)

After Maddie Sue finished her Olympic dance and twirl routine in anticipation of the placement of her bowl, she looked at it with shock and disbelief: "What!! No Good Stuff!!" and paraded off with the best huffy chihuahua march you can imagine and stuck her beak into Ruby's bowl, of course, getting mastiff slobber all over her little chihuahua head. "Nope, no good stuff here either."

And then paraded into the kitchen to poke her beak into Lex's bowl. Again, nada.

By the time Ms Nosy Chihuahua got back to her own guessed it....Ruby had discovered it unattended and demolished all of Maddie Sue's kibble.

Another look of shock and disbelief -- not only no Good Stuff, but now, due to that Sticky Beak of hers, No Breakfast Period. Bummer.

okay, okay, before the fans of Maddie Sue protest animal cruelty on my part, after waiting enough to watch her pout, stomp and snort, I gave her another bowl of kibble.

And speaking of animal cruelty -- I was reading a story of a paramedic on a Code, trying to resuscitate a man in cardiac failure, and a pesky, yappy chihuahua (unlike any we know and love) was jumping around, nipping at the paramedic and bouncing off the furniture and the downed owner. The paramedic kept swatting the chi away, trying to do CPR and administer drugs to restart the owner's heart. Finally it was time for the paddles, and as the medic yelled "Clear" and the paddles paddled, the sight of an airborne chihuahua and the smell of burnt fur filled the air. The man lived.....I never found out about the dog.